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Stephen C. Copps, MD


Stephen C. Copps, MD

Macon, Georgia, USA.

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All ADD related Questions
Medications for ADD children and adults.

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Dr. Stephen Copps is the Director of the Central Georgia Institute for Developmental Medicine in Macon, Georgia and The Medical Director of the National Professional Consortium for ADD.

Faculty appointments include The University of Wisconsin, Morehouse, Emory and Mercer Universities. Dr. Copps sits on the Professional Advisory Board for The Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA)and serves on the Advisory Board for Novartis Pharmaceutical Company. He is a Consultant for Shire and Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Companies and is on the Professional Advisory Board for the Riverview School, Cape Cod, MA (Richard LaVoie, Director).

Dr. Copps has received the American Academy of Pediatrics Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Health Care of Children, and the University of Wisconsin Distinguished Alumni Award.

He is the author of `The Attending Physician: An ADD Guide for Physicians`.

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